Adding a Review Badge on Your Website

Are you aware that you can showcase your raving reviews right there on your website? Display your fearlessness and confidence by presenting your reviews right on your webpage. Why Should I Add a Badge? A badge on your own website can provide easier access for your consumers to read and write reviews. It is a phenomenal way to drive consumer traffic to your business review page (BRP) for further insight about your company free from competitive ads. Displaying the badge can illustrate that there is no manipulation in your reviews – this is real people, in real time, leaving honest feedback.

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Why Your Business Needs Reviews

How do you find a restaurant in an unfamiliar city? What about a trusted mechanic, or a new masseuse? Asking around your network is one solution, but I am willing to bet, at some point, you will scour the internet to discover the best fit for you. You find yourself researching a business to uncover what others are saying, what they’ve experienced, good or bad. Online reviews have transformed how a consumer interacts with a business. As a business owner, why do you care? Why would you need consumers to record their experiences with your business? You have returning customers, that should be enough right? Having a thriving business with returning customers is one thing, growing that business and keeping the cash flowing, is another.

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New Websites for SureCritic

New enhancements have been made to SureCritic’s online presence. In addition to growing our staff, after several months of hard work and dedication we’ve redesigned our application website and launched a new marketing website. As a leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM) platforms, it’s important for us to make information regarding our solutions, services and trends in the industry easily accessible for our current and prospective clients. Furthermore, we wanted to make these new websites interesting visually, easier to navigate, and simply much more user-friendly. We think we succeeded. Our application website is still located in the same place you’ve always found us. But, we added more functionality to it and plan on several more upgrades in the next few months. Check back regularly as we will be adding new content featuring best practices, interesting articles, company announcements and client successes to our blog. Take a tour of our sites and let us know what you think about our new look.

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SureCritic Welcomes Jacques daCosta as its New Vice President of Business Development

SureCritic is stoked to announce that Jacques daCosta has joined the organization as its new Vice President of Business Development. daCosta has over 20 years of experience in marketing, technology and customer service, and has led some of the automotive industry’s most innovative global programs. During his tenure as vice-president and general manager at Enprecis, J.D. Power and Honda Canada, daCosta worked cross-functionally in product development, quality, customer experience and data driven marketing. He also worked closely with global OEMs to help align business strategy with marketplace success. “On behalf of the SureCritic team, we’re thrilled about Jacques joining the organization,” said David Brondstetter, CEO of SureCritic. “Jacques’ wealth of experience will strategically support our vision to reinvent the antiquated online customer review process. Ultimately Jacques efforts will help SureCritic deliver a much more transparent review experience that will greatly benefit both consumers and businesses.” “SureCritic is a dynamic and growing technology company that clearly understands the auto ecosystem providing systematic enterprise-wide feedback to better review, resolve and retain throughout the customer experience,” said daCosta. “I’m excited about the opportunity to join this talented team and confident my experience will enhance the operations at SureCritic as we expand our client…

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SureCritic Taps Phil Penton to Lead Brand Development and Strategic Alliances

Press Release: SEATTLE — SureCritic, creators of the industry’s first SocialCSI Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform, announced this week that it has tapped reputation-management expert Phil Penton to lead the firm’s business development activities and strategic alliances. Penton brings more than a decade of experience in automotive reputation-management and social-media solutions. He currently serves as partner and strategist for Xcite Advertising and CDMdata. Previously, he served as partner and president at SOCIADEALER, a reputation-management firm. Prior to that, he co-founded Social Integration, an end-to-end platform for managing reputation and social-media marketing. He has also served as vice president of business development for HomeNet Automotive. “I’m most impressed with SureCritic’s technology platform and the new features and functionality we’ll be bringing to market over the next 12 months for manufacturers, dealerships, and independent repair shops,” said Penton. “SureCritic is advancing customer experience management from a technology and implementation perspective, which is unlike anything else I’ve seen out there. They are literally on a mission to dramatically change how businesses and vendors interact with customers.” David Brondstetter, CEO of SureCritic, added: “Phil is at the forefront of reputation management and social media solutions and his expertise and relationships within the automotive industry…

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1 Million Verified Customer Reviews

As consumer wants and needs shift toward verified customer reviews, SureCritic, the Industry’s first transparent and verified SocialCSI platform, proves to be a hit with online vehicle and service shoppers Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 14, 2015 SureCritic, creators of the industry’s first SocialCSI® Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform combining the best features of reputation management and traditional CSI, announces its transparent and verified customer reviews have hit the one million reviews mark. To achieve this level of success in just four years proves consumers are hungry for SureCritic’s verified depiction of customer’s experiences at dealerships and repair shops that cannot be manipulated or “gamed” like other review sites. More on PRWeb

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SureCritic Launches SocialCSI

  Seattle, WA – SureCritic launches the industry’s first SocialCSI® solution, a Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform that combines the best features of reputation management with the necessary features of CSI, to create the most accurate and transparent depiction of a customer’s dealership experience to date. Unlike other providers who prequalify customers before asking for a review, SureCritic ties reputation requests in directly with CSI information, enabling transparent, verified reviews for customers and actionable data for dealers. Here’s how it works: A customer has an experience through the sales, service or parts department at their local dealership or repair shop. SureCritic integrates with information in the point-of-sale system and emails the customer requesting a review within 24 hours of their visit. Once the customer has completed the review, it is verified through SureCritic and shared on a SureCritic website unique to that business. If the review is negative, the customer has the opportunity to provide more detailed information through SureCritic’s new Low Score Diagnostics feature. The dealership is notified in real-time of the customer’s concerns and provided with in-depth, quantitative data related to what when wrong. The in-depth information generated through SureCritic’s SocialCSI solution is a key element in resolving…

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CBT NEWS: Hyundai embraces transparent online reviews with SureCritic

In November 2013, Hyundai Motor America and its dealer network announced they would publicly feature owner-generated ratings and reviews of their dealership service experience through SureCritic™, similar to a way a restaurant or movie is rated on-line. Since then, more than 96 percent of dealers enrolled and now actively monitor reviews. No other manufacturer provides the transparency of its dealership service facilities like Hyundai. Full Story:

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Product Update: Enhancement Notifications Are Here

Time and accountability; two of the most important factors when striving for excellence in customer satisfaction. It is our goal to make sure you have all the tools necessary to engage and communicate with your customers, and resolve your customer’s concerns in a real-time fashion. Providing real-time visibility is a critical component to any service platform. That’s why we’re excited to announce a major update to our alerting and notifications platform. What is it?   Similar to your how your iOS device interacts with apps, or your accounts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter work, SureCritic now has real-time notification and web history of “things that happen” on the SureCritic platform. How is this different from my SureCritic real-time email alerts today?   Any email alert that has been sent now has a web history log. When logged into the site admin, you can recall alerts, and verify that you have viewed the alert. How do these web notifications work?   When viewing a web notification for the first time, it will navigate you directly to the details of that review when clicked upon. Once clicked, it will be “marked as read” and no longer be highlighted in your list of…

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Low Score Diagnostics

Industry First Low Score Diagnostics Now Available

We’ve recently launched Low Score Diagnostics as an added feature to our already industry-leading, verified customer ratings and reviews product. Low Score Diagnostics utilizes our new enterprise survey engine with our ratings and review platform to provide the best of both worlds. This private feedback channel allows businesses greater insight into why customers fall out of process resulting in a poor experience. An unhappy customer is happy to give more details with the intent that someone will read and take action on the issue. The customer can express himself or herself privately through a diagnostic survey tailored to the business. With real-time notifications, a business can investigate and contact the customer about their experience with detailed information about what went wrong, giving businesses the ability to quickly resolve the customer’s concerns and increase retention. After several months of beta with nearly 1000 auto related businesses, we are giving our clients unprecedented insight to help identify and resolve the customer’s concern and diagnose any potential issues with their customer handling process. Here is what our partners are saying about it: “The growth of the Internet has empowered consumers with freedom of choice and the ability to share both positive and negative…

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