1 Million Verified Customer Reviews

April 15, 2015
Tim Fiorito

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As consumer wants and needs shift toward verified customer reviews, SureCritic, the Industry’s first transparent and verified SocialCSI platform, proves to be a hit with online vehicle and service shoppers

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 14, 2015

SureCritic, creators of the industry’s first SocialCSI® Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform combining the best features of reputation management and traditional CSI, announces its transparent and verified customer reviews have hit the one million reviews mark. To achieve this level of success in just four years proves consumers are hungry for SureCritic’s verified depiction of customer’s experiences at dealerships and repair shops that cannot be manipulated or “gamed” like other review sites.

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  • Nathan Lee

    I do not know how accurate this site is, I just posted a comment and went to look at some of the others and found 30 comments praising repair shops that are dated 3/20/16. Well today is 3/9/16 and unless I slipped through a time warp how the hell you get reviews from 18 days in the future?? One I could understand as a mistake but 30, come on guys I was born at night…just not last night.