Display SureCritic Reviews in your Facebook Page

July 29, 2011
Tim Fiorito

We’re getting quite a few questions these days about adding SureCritic Business Review Pages (BRP) to Facebook.   If you are a SureCritic client, there are two ways to bring the two together.

  1. Show Off Your Business Page Likes on your SureCritic  Business Review Page (BRP)
  2. Display Your SureCritic Customer Reviews on Your Facebook Page.

Business Review Page Likes:  

Many of you have been doing a great job of creating incentives and attracting Facebook “Likers” to your business.  Now, from your SureCritic page you can show them off by adding your page URL into the SureCritic admin pages.   When review seekers land on your SureCritic BRP, they’ll see the number of  customers who “Like” your  business.   Below is a great example from one of our clients. They have 515 “Likes”! That’s a great following by all measures and with a little work, you can get there too.


Your SureCritic Reviews on Facebook:

Now you can enrich the content of your Facebook Page by adding the SureCritic Reviews, Facebook App.  If your business currently has a SureCritic Business Review Page and a Facebook page, you can add a Reviews Menu item like the example below.


For instructions on how to install the SureCritic Application on you Facebook Page click on this link SureCritic App Page on Facebook, or just type in “surecritic” in the search section of your Facebook page and select SureCritic from the app section.


Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated, so please let us know what you think of these new features either in the comments section or on twitter (@SureCritic)


Thank you,


The SureCritic Product Team