Announcing: Text-the-Manager

We are not done with new releases! Along with the announcement of SureCritic for Business we are announcing another new product:


Isn’t it displeasing to hear of a customer leaving your store unhappy without you knowing? Studies on millennials have shown the younger generation is less apt to confront a store employee if they have an issue. They become a “silent complainer.” Customers can be quick to post negative feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and review sites all without managers knowing there was a concern to begin with. Be the first to know of a concern with Text-the-Manager.

Text-the-Manager provides fast, non-confrontational communication for concern resolution. According to a study by Zendesk and Dimensional Research, 69% of customers attributed their good customer service experience to quick resolution of their problem. Now customer’s can text managers directly from their own device and get a response quickly.

Watch for our upcoming blog series that will explore the functions of Text-the-Manager! Contact us to learn more or go online to find out about Text-the-Manager!

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