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SureCritic contributes to high TrustScore on Judy’s Book

Judy’s Book, an online community where visitor find reviews and recommendations about local businesses recently launched its TrustScore® for reviews about businesses on it web site.  TrustScore lets site visitors gauge potential reliability of the reviews for each business. SureCritic, through its network, syndicates reviews to Judy’s Book and is pleased to announce that SureCritic reviews on Judy’s Book have been awarded the highest TrustScore available.  Because we verify customer status through the point of sale system, visitors to Judy’s Book who read a SureCritic syndicated review can be sure it was given by an actual customer of that business….

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ReScore: Your Road to Redemption

I recently read with shock and amazement about a 22-year-old man who just decided to go back to high school. Oh it wasn’t that simple, according to the article it certainly took some planning.  And no, it wasn’t one of those feel good, made for TV movie kind of stories. He changed his name and claimed he was 15 years old.  Standing  6’5” and all of 220 pounds, this “kid” was doing 360 degree slam dunks! He was a basketball prodigy by all accounts.  Alas, somebody recognized him and now he’s sitting in jail awaiting trial on a litany of…

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