Review Emoji’s On Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2018

A 💔 is what happens when you love someone too much and you can’t fit them in your heart because there is too much love” – Savannah Brondstetter, age 4.

Emoji’s may be the best part of texting. When you can’t explain in words or are just trying to save some time, emojis are there to help. They also assist with adding sentiment, tone and possibly soften the blow. This Valentine’s day, we have a special blog featuring some of the best use of emojis in our reviews. Take a look!


When you really have to show the love…


Just one emoji will not do. 


I think this really gets the point across.


When in doubt, use fruit. 


My personal favorite..


Simple and sweet!


Extra emphasis


Add something shiny to it


Why use words when you can use emojis?