Social Engage – An easy way to increase reviews on Google Places

December 24, 2011

Our elves have been hard at work this season continuing to add new features and shaping SureCritic into an industry leading technology platform for Reputation Management and Social Engagement.    In the season of giving, we are happy to let you know that SureCritic- Social Engage is LIVE and available for your immediate use at no additional cost to you…  Yes, it’s a free upgrade to the current product offering!

Lost you at “Free”?…

Let’s restart…  Your business needs more customer reviews, more reviews on SureCritic and more reviews on Google Places, you also need more Facebook Likes and more Twitter followers.   On top of all of that, Google launched Google+, and you need to be sure that people are +1′ing your business to stay on top of Google search results as Google becomes more of a social platform. Oh, and you don’t have a couple of spare employees sitting around doing nothing, nor a budget to pay some company with a bunch of people sitting around doing nothing to make all this happen. We feel you dog. You want something that helps with all of that and you don’t want to pay any more money.

Well, with Social Engage, SureCritic’s got your back!

After your customers complete a review on SureCritic, they are presented with an opportunity to engage in your social network.

Your customers who write SureCritic reviews can choose how much they want to participate.   If they have the time, they may choose to write a Google Places review. If they are tight on time, there are other options like adding a Facebook Like, +1 your business web site URL, or following your business on Twitter.   And set up is really, really easy! Simply log in to your existing SureCritic account today to add your Social sites.

SureCritic Social Engage also provides social media plugins that allow customers to easily promote the SureCritic review they just gave you throughout their own networks; Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


What about me? I want to tweet too! 

Yeah, tweeting is fun when you have something good to share. That’s why SureCritic’s new features are not just limited to people who write reviews.  We’ve updated the SureCritic administration pages so you, the business owner, can share or tweet your reviews and business responses into your network.   While the thought of automating Twitter content is nice, it’s an easy way to tune out your audience.   Tweeting or sharing the occasional review keeps things fresh and will have a higher probably of click through within your network.


If you are a SureCritic customer and have any questions about these new and exciting features or how to take advantage of them, reply to this post, or send us an email at If you are not currently a SureCritic customer but want to be one, HMU at . Be sure to follow @SureCritic  on twitter for more updates into the New Year.


Happy Holidays!

The SureCritic Team