Industry First Low Score Diagnostics Now Available


We’ve recently launched Low Score Diagnostics as an added feature to our already industry-leading, verified customer ratings and reviews product. Low Score Diagnostics utilizes our new enterprise survey engine with our ratings and review platform to provide the best of both worlds. This private feedback channel allows businesses greater insight into why customers fall out of process resulting in a poor experience. An unhappy customer is happy to give more details with the intent that someone will read and take action on the issue. The customer can express himself or herself privately through a diagnostic survey tailored to the business.

With real-time notifications, a business can investigate and contact the customer about their experience with detailed information about what went wrong, giving businesses the ability to quickly resolve the customer’s concerns and increase retention.

After several months of beta with nearly 1000 auto related businesses, we are giving our clients unprecedented insight to help identify and resolve the customer’s concern and diagnose any potential issues with their customer handling process.

Here is what our partners are saying about it:

“The growth of the Internet has empowered consumers with freedom of choice and the ability to share both positive and negative experiences with the world. The new low score diagnostics feature is a powerful approach to monitoring and responding in near real-time to consumers who have had a negative experience with their auto repair. Business owners can identify and correct possible systemic business issues quickly to prevent irreparable harm to their business’s reputation.” Brian Warfield, Senior Product Manager, Mitchell 1. Read the complete Mitchell 1 Repair Information Company, LLC press release on Low Score Diagnostics

Low Score Diagnostics is a FREE opt-in upgrade for existing clients. To learn more, please contact your rep, login and click Help, or contact to have this feature activated.