Product Update: Enhancement Notifications Are Here

shareasimage (1)Time and accountability; two of the most important factors when striving for excellence in customer satisfaction. It is our goal to make sure you have all the tools necessary to engage and communicate with your customers, and resolve your customer’s concerns in a real-time fashion. Providing real-time visibility is a critical component to any service platform. That’s why we’re excited to announce a major update to our alerting and notifications platform.

What is it?  

Similar to your how your iOS device interacts with apps, or your accounts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter work, SureCritic now has real-time notification and web history of “things that happen” on the SureCritic platform.


How is this different from my SureCritic real-time email alerts today?  

Any email alert that has been sent now has a web history log. When logged into the site admin, you can recall alerts, and verify that you have viewed the alert.

How do these web notifications work?  

When viewing a web notification for the first time, it will navigate you directly to the details of that review when clicked upon. Once clicked, it will be “marked as read” and no longer be highlighted in your list of notifications. If the notifications are piling up, you can ‘Mark all as Read’, to clean the slate. If you want to view your notification’s history, you can click ‘View All, and it will navigate you to a separate notifications page.

How do I take advantage of this feature?  

There is no action on your part to take advantage of this. As a current user of SureCritic, your existing real-time alerts emails will remain in place. You can update your preferences for new features by going to the notification settings page once you have logged in.


What’s new with these notifications?

In addition to the features listed above, you can now do the following:

  1. Notification Control – Choose the notification method (web vs. email & web) that works best for you. For example, you can configure your personal notification profile to email you alerts in real-time for low score reviews only, and use web notifications for 5-star reviews. If you’re a high volume store, this will reduce the number of email alerts you receive and help you prioritize which ones to view first.
  2. Department Filtered Notifications – You work in the service department and don’t want to receive sales department review notifications. No problem, you can now select which department(s) you’d like to receive notification for in you profile page.
  3. Notification of a Draft Response – Do you have service advisors or sales consultants creating draft responses to customer reviews that need your approval? Now you’ll be notified that a draft response has been created by a non-admin user and is waiting for admin approval.
  4. Response from Staff Needed – This one is an important one. If a review doesn’t receive a response, then the notification system will alert you within 24 hours that a response is needed.

Our recommendation?   Sign up for everything, and then adjust notifications as needed. We have more notification and configuration options in the pipeline, so stay tuned. If there is a notification or feature you would like to see added, drop us an email or comment. We’d love to hear from you.