ReScore: Your Road to Redemption

I recently read with shock and amazement about a 22-year-old man who just decided to go back to high school. Oh it wasn’t that simple, according to the article it certainly took some planning.  And no, it wasn’t one of those feel good, made for TV movie kind of stories. He changed his name and claimed he was 15 years old.  Standing  6’5” and all of 220 pounds, this “kid” was doing 360 degree slam dunks! He was a basketball prodigy by all accounts.  Alas, somebody recognized him and now he’s sitting in jail awaiting trial on a litany of charges.

So what’s that have to do with reviews, you might ask?  Well, nothing really, but it does speak to just about everyone’s desire for a do over. There is not a person I know that doesn’t have some part of their personal or professional life they’d like to do over.  If you think about it, isn’t America and second chances synonymous?  Are there any golfers out there?  Can you say mulligan? Americans love second chances because deep down inside, we like to see people win and we feel bad for those who lose.  So, when we see someone snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, we cheer.  It’s the American way.

Nobody loves second chances more than the great group of people at SureCritic®.  No, we are not suggesting our clients go back to high school, just for the record.  However, since we are big fans of the second chance, we’ve put our heads together and developed some pretty awesome new functionality that embraces the spirit of second changes; dare I say the spirit of America .  So, without further ado, SureCritic is excited to announce the launch of ReScore® as a value added addition to the SureCritic suite of products and services.  ReScore is Patent Pending functionality designed to show consumers how effectively SureCritic clients respond to and resolves their concerns.

How It Works?
ReScore allows businesses to take advantage of processes they already have in place.  When businesses receive negative feedback from a customer, it is always in their best interest to talk to the customer and attempt to resolve their concern.  Since they are doing that anyway, why not get the credit they deserve for making an unhappy customer happy again?

If they resolve the customer’s concern and would like to ask the customer to give them a follow up review based on their attempt to resolve their concern, the client just hits the “ReScore” button.  Once “ReScore” is selected, we automatically recontact the customer and ask for a new star rating and new comments based on the follow up done to resolve the customer’s concern.

The ReScore star rating and review will be appended directly to the original review along with the businesses comments about the review.  The businesses’ SureCritic Business Review Page will also display a star rating improvement number for both individual ReScores and an average for all ReScores.


Why Use ReScore?
In the past, when a business had upset customers, the only people who knew the herculean efforts they were willing to take to resolve it were the business and the upset customer.  Concern resolution is one of the most important factors in determining long term customer loyalty.  Numerous studies have shown that upset customers whose concern is resolved quickly and to their satisfaction are more loyal to a business than customers who had no concern at all.

So, occasionally you get an upset customer and you go out of your way to resolve that customer’s concern.  Why not let everyone know just how much you care about your customers?  In the online world, there are literally millions of negative reviews from years gone by.  And, millions still were written by people who had their concern resolved.  When that happens, people only get the beginning of the story-the customer was upset!  It’s like reading a really good book only to find the last three chapters are missing. With SureCritic’s  ReScore, customers and potential customers reading SureCritic reviews get to see the whole story; beginning, middle and the final resolution.  They get to see the efforts a business took to resolve the concern and the impact it had on the customer who wrote the original negative review.

Businesses get upset customers. That’s no secret. The mystery is “What happens next”? How they are handled is the true measuring stick of a business that cares. You put your best foot forward on a daily basis; it’s time to let the rest of the world know…With SureCritic’s Patent Pending ReScore, now you can tell the world you care.