Seriously Spooky Reviews

October 31, 2017

On the most frightening day of the year, ghouls come out of the mist. They may be startling, they may be masked, but it is up to us to decide, is it a trick or a treat?

Before you spoil your appetite, take a look at a few hair-raising reviews with wicked turn-arounds. Maybe you can learn a couple tricks yourself!

1. Acknowledging the customer’s concern and something sweet for their troubles.

2. Learning from their mistakes and pointing out the positives.

3. Was quick with their response and fixed the situation.

4. Earned an emoji through gratitude and reassurance.

5. Customer is now understanding and confident in future experiences.

Turn the porch lights off, that’s all we have tonight! Stay safe out there and maybe lay off the tp-ing this year, eh?