SureCritic Reviews Streaming on Your Web Site

June 04, 2012

Your website visitors are searching for reviews to learn more about your business.  Posting Testimonials on your site is time consuming and difficult to update and maintain. Let’s face it, if we had a dollar for every outdated testimonial on a business website out there; well, let just say our address would be somewhere in the South Pacific, not Seattle!  SureCritic has got an easy answer to the problem. We’re excited to offer SureCritic’s Dynamic Review Widget.    The Review Widget will showcase the most recent, positive reviews of your business.  The widget automatically rotates through snippets of latest reviews.  Additionally,  users of your site can browse by using the arrow navigation within the widget.

Screenshot of an example:



The black background doesn’t match you website?   No problem, you can change it to a color that flows better with your existing web properties. We also have a number of font style and color choices to choose from. You can make changes and see the results in seconds!

To get started login to your SureCritic admin and Select “Badges” from the Navigation menu.   Select the background color, font color and font style and click on the “Generate Badge” button.    The code appears in the box to the right. Just copy and  paste the code onto your website. It’s that easy.



The process is simple and  similar to how Facebook feeds your latest posts with it’s activity plugin.   You may have to move the javascript sources to a different location instead of inline depending on your web site content management system. If you require additional assistance, just let us know via

The review widget is available today for subscribing customers by logging to your SureCritic account.  Drop a note below and don’t forget to check us out on Twitter,  Google+, and Facebook to give us feedback and keep track of what’s next.

If you are not currently a SureCritic client, please contact us at for more information on becoming a client.