SureCritic Welcomes Jacques daCosta as its New Vice President of Business Development

SureCritic is stoked to announce that Jacques daCosta has joined the organization as its new Vice President of Business Development.

daCosta has over 20 years of experience in marketing, technology and customer service, and has led some of the automotive industry’s most innovative global programs. During his tenure as vice-president and general manager at Enprecis, J.D. Power and Honda Canada, daCosta worked cross-functionally in product development, quality, customer experience and data driven marketing. He also worked closely with global OEMs to help align business strategy with marketplace success.

“On behalf of the SureCritic team, we’re thrilled about Jacques joining the organization,” said David Brondstetter, CEO of SureCritic. “Jacques’ wealth of experience will strategically support our vision to reinvent the antiquated online customer review process. Ultimately Jacques efforts will help SureCritic deliver a much more transparent review experience that will greatly benefit both consumers and businesses.”

“SureCritic is a dynamic and growing technology company that clearly understands the auto ecosystem providing systematic enterprise-wide feedback to better review, resolve and retain throughout the customer experience,” said daCosta. “I’m excited about the opportunity to join this talented team and confident my experience will enhance the operations at SureCritic as we expand our client base and create additional value for existing clients.”

daCosta will work from SureCritic’s new Los Angeles office opening in October. SureCritic is headquartered in Seattle.