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New Websites for SureCritic

New enhancements have been made to SureCritic’s online presence. In addition to growing our staff, after several months of hard work and dedication we’ve redesigned our application website and launched a new marketing website. As a leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM) platforms, it’s important for us to make information regarding our solutions, services and trends in the industry easily accessible for our current and prospective clients. Furthermore, we wanted to make these new websites interesting visually, easier to navigate, and simply much more user-friendly. We think we succeeded. Our application website is still located in the same place you’ve…

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Is Your Website Promoting Your Competition?

I’ve been in the technology business for close to a couple decades, and on a pretty frequent basis I’m quite amazed what solutions we once had to build, are now readily available to us (and usually reasonably priced).  Then there is the other side, where I’m amazed that something could still exist with all the knowledge on industry blogs and social media.  Even more frustrating, is people and companies pushing bad product and bad advice as a business solution. You would have thought I had a time machine preset to 2009 stumbling across the page from an auto dealership below…

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